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Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

In 1996, I wrote a letter to my favorite children's author, Beverly Cleary - and she wrote back! I kept the letter and by some miracle, managed to find it in my attic this morning.

It's funny. The letter I remember receiving was long, maybe two hand-written pages of notebook paper. And it was all about how she believed in me and my dream of writing children's books one day.

In reality, the letter was more of a note - very short and mainly focused on answering my questions about whether she was still writing at the time. But that last line - "Good luck with your writing!" - is what stuck with me all these years. It just goes to show: A little encouragement can really go a long way!

So thank you, Beverly Cleary, and happy, happy 104th birthday!

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