Call for Student Artists!

I love writing. And I love writing picture books. But a picture book is pretty hard to share with the world when all you have are the words!

Snowcap Mountain Adventures: Opening Day! was written, but it wasn't illustrated. And that was a problem. I thought about it a lot. How could I get pictures for the book? Create them myself? Out of the question - I'm not an artist! Should I hire an artist? Maybe... but it was difficult to know how to navigate that process. Figuring it out just didn't feel fun. And I really wanted this project to be fun!

I kept thinking about the kids I wanted to share the book with, the kids who would read it. Then I got an idea. What if I asked kids to get involved? They could illustrate it and learn about the process of creating a book at the same time. Now this sounded fun! I decide to put out a call for student artists and see what might happen.

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