Visit your school or library? I'd love to!

Right now, the coronavirus is keeping us all home. But I can visit virtually!

So You Want to Be a Writer is my fun and informative workshop, offered in four

pre-recorded sessions. It covers the writing life, the creative process,

research techniques, different ways to publish, and more. (I sing, act, improvise, and generally get goofy, too - it's not some boring lecture!)


Educational for all ages, short and sweet for the tech-fatigued.

Watch the preview below!

(What is that face I'm making? Click the arrow - it gets better!)

So You Want to Be a Writer!

Many students dream of growing up to be a writer.

Published author Heather E. Schwartz is here to help!

So You Want to Be a Writer is a fun and informative

hi-lo workshop presentation, perfect for:

  • Students with a niche interest (writing!)

  • Students with a short attention span.

  • Tech-fatigued students.

  • Students of all ages.


What you get

A set of 4 pre-recorded videos

(about 15 minutes each), covering topics including:

  • My background writing more than 100 children’s books, including titles for Disney, Sesame Street, Time for Kids, and the Smithsonian. (Not to brag but to show what’s possible!)

  • Different ways to be a book author. No one ever talks about work-for-hire. I will!

  • Different ways to practice writing.

  • The ideal writer’s environment—perfect setting not required.

  • Locked Up for Freedom, my award-winning nonfiction book about a group of 11-16-year old Civil Rights Movement activists.

  • Snowcap Mountain Adventures, my new picture book series.


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Heather E. Schwartz is an award-winning author, as well as a book producer and performer. She has written children’s books and created content for Disney, Sesame Street, Scholastic, National Geographic Kids magazine, Time for Kids, the Smithsonian, and NASA. Subscribe below to follow her work on the Snowcap Mountain Adventures children’s series, and visit Lerner Publishing Group to purchase Locked Up for Freedom, her captivating nonfiction book about a courageous group of teen civil rights activists.